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12 Reasons to Live in FiDi

Aerial view of the 19 Dutch building towering above other buildings in the Financial District, set against a blue sky.

New York City is filled to the brim with towering skyscrapers, iconic sights, and bustling neighborhoods. If you asked most people to name a Manhattan neighborhood, they might reply with the Upper West Side, Chinatown, or another well-known name like Midtown where the Empire State Building resides.

Known by local New Yorkers as FiDi, this area has almost singlehandedly created the city’s image as a bustling center of a business and commerce. Here you’ll find the NY Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve Bank, and Wall Street. Despite being an area filled with CEOs and entrepreneurs, over 60,000 individuals call this area home.

How can a business district double as a luxurious place to live? From internationally renowned sights to dwellings almost too lavish to believe, here are 12 excellent reasons to make your home in the Financial District.

1. You Live by the Water

One of the best parts about living in this area is that you live by both the Hudson and East Rivers which, aside from bringing in a nice breeze during the day, provides you with the opportunity to head out onto the water. Whether you own a boat or not, Pier 15 and 17 are fantastic locales to spend a day off.

If you’re looking to unwind in a quiet location, something rarely found here in New York, then Pier 17 is the place to be. You can catch a view of the Statue of Liberty while watching the ferries go by, hit the shops for a little designer fashion, and enjoy a mimosa at the garden style bar.

Pier 15 is more of a sightseeing destination, and its revamped appearance almost always draws in a crowd. If you are the boating type, then North Cove Marina is a safe harbor for your queen of the sea. There’s also kayaking options right on the Hudson River if you’re feeling adventurous.

Last, but not least, treat yourself to a nice dinner at Pier A Harbor House. There’s nothing like fine dining out on the water as the sun sets across the harbor.

2. You’re Surrounded by Stunning Architecture

New York is filled to the brim with sculptures from some of the world’s most renowned architects. Greenwich Street is home to Oculus, a transit hub at the rebuilt World Trade Center that looks like something from the distant future. There are also timeless classics like Charging Bull on Wall Street.

If you’re a fan of this form of art, then check out the highly recommended Group of Four Trees by Jean Dubuffet and Red Cube by Isamu Noguchi. Heading into even more contemporary stylings are Balloon Flower by Jeff Koons and Joie De Vivre by Mark di Suvero. You can find stunning architecture in every direction!

3. The Buildings Are Incredible

Speaking of architecture, the Financial District is home to some of the most gorgeous buildings in the world. It contains several that New York is known from the Federal Reserve Bank to skyscrapers like 20 Exchange Place, but there are a number of must-see places revered the world over.

Woolworth Building is one such place. Designed by architect Cass Gilbert and constructed in 1912, this classic skyscraper is a towering marvel that shows off the city’s ingenuity and prowess. Heading into our modern times, the One World Trade Center is a sight to behold and a testament to America’s strength and resilience. While you’re there, make sure to check out the 9/11 Memorial site.

4. Fine Dining is in Abundance

Looking for the best cuisine in all of Manhattan? While taste is a matter of personal opinion, it’s hard to deny that the Financial District is home to exquisite fine dining experiences.

For starters, this neighborhood is home to the original Delmonico’s. If you’ve never had a Delmonico steak, then your taste buds are in for the meal of a lifetime. This building has a history as a speakeasy during prohibition, crafting meals for presidents like Theodore Roosevelt, and famous writers including Mark Twain and Charles Dickens.

Cipriani Downtown is home to Harry’s Bar classics and Italian specialties with authentic ingredients that will make you feel as though you’re dinning in Italy. Nobu, started by celebrity chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, offers a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian dishes with artistic displays on every plate. Meanwhile, El Luchador Taqueria offers SoCal Mexican style street food with the finest of ingredients for a quick yet extremely satisfying lunch.

That’s a just a taste of what you can experience here. Half the fun of living in the city is exploring the streets to find new and exciting dining experiences!

5. The Shopping Can’t Be Beat

Seriously. NYC is home to designer everything and happens to be where many clothing designers choose to make their headquarters. The Financial District is where you can find luxury items from the world’s top brands in one place.

Head over to Hermes on Board Street where you can piece together entire outfits with today’s hottest fashion trends, or make your way to the Fulton Center for a more kiosk-driven experience complete with drinks and a sushi bar. If you’re in the mood for a full-day shopping extravaganza, then Brookfield place has everything you need alongside everything you had no idea you needed until now.

6. A Night Out Is Unique

Nightlife is a significant part of any city, and the City of Lights doesn’t disappoint. There are hundreds of options inside the Financial District as well as a short transit ride away. If you’re looking for a few suggestions, try out Stone Street Tavern and the Seaglass Carousel.

Stone Street Tavern is a home away from home for craft beer lovers, Irish whiskey drinkers, and anyone who likes a masterfully crafted cocktail. Stop in for a mimosa with brunch, enjoy delicious entrees with a dark stout for dinner, or get your fill of their to-die-for Bloody Marys.

The Seaglass Carousel is exactly what it sounds like. This artistically crafted carousel features enormous, rideable fish that light up at night. It’s an excellent place to start of a date night, and sure to please any little ones in your family.

7. The Bridges and Ships

The Brooklyn Bridge as an iconic part of Manhattan, but did you know that you can walk across it? Even more surprising, did you know that you can see it up close and personal on the East River’s Tall Ships? What’s a tall ship, you ask?

Imagine seeing the breathtaking view of the city from the deck of an 1885 full-mast boat. This one of a kind experience is nothing short of thrilling, and the historical aspect of both sights is sure to leave you in awe.

8. The Area Is Rich with History

FiDi is home to some of the oldest buildings on the island. If you’ve never witnessed the beauty of Trinity Church or St. Paul’s Cathedral up close, then making your home here allows you visit these gorgeous buildings any time you would like.

You can also walk right up to the preserved City Hall, or take a trolley to the famous Battery Maritime Hall any day you’d like. This area might be home to new architectural wonders, but it sure knows how to preserve its history.

9. Everything is Lavish

As the business center of Manhattan, you can imagine the amount of money flowing through the area. This tends to make everything a little more luxe than other parts of the island. Take the Beekman Hotel, for instance. Located right next to St. Paul’s Cathedral, this hotel is renowned for its luxurious accommodations and exquisite designs.

Even the gyms are on the high end of the spectrum. Equinox on Wall Street is the pinnacle of a workout experience with its Art Deco features and plush, elegant interiors. Where else can you live the high life while working up a sweat at the same time?

10. You Can View the City from the Sky

Number ten is short and simple. Any time you choose, you can head to the helipad and catch an aerial view of the city on a guided helicopter tour. If you thought New York was beautiful before, just wait until you see it from a new perspective.

11. The Arts Are Alive and Well

While art galleries aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you imagine NYC’s business center, they are indeed here. This is The Big Apple, after all, and the city is as artsy as they come.

Fulton Street has an impressive gallery featuring both renowned and local talent, while the Perry Rubenstein Gallery showcases some of the most elegant pieces and installations around. If you enjoy something that echoes the vibe of the city, make sure to stop into Melissa McCaig-Welles. Don’t let the outward appearance fool you; exquisite talent lies behind its doors.

12. Explore 19 Dutch in the Financial District

This fully glass-clad apartment tower offers an astounding 8,100 square feet of retail space, ensuring your floor plan is a home instead of a cramped studio. The underground walkway takes you the straight to the subway station, retail outlets, and just outside of Battery Park. Complete with high-end appliances, finished oak floors, and ceramic tile bathrooms, style and luxury come together in a home like no other.