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Cherry Blossoms in NYC

A woman stands below a cherry blossom tree in the park with her eyes closed, and takes a deep breath as petals cascade down toward her.

Spring is in full swing, and with the weather feeling more lovely than ever, it’s time to get out of the apartments for rent in New York and see the sights around the city. Spring is prime time for cherry blossoms, and though Washington, DC, usually has bragging rights when it comes to these magnificent blooms, there are still plenty of prime spots in the Big Apple for you to see some outstanding specimens of Prunus (the scientific name, if you weren’t aware) for a few weeks in April and May. Here’s are a few of the top spots to add to your list.

Roosevelt Island

That narrow little strip of land in the East River, between Manhattan and Queens is known primarily for its small size and charming atmosphere, and this April you’ll get to see some of its cherry blossoms blooming in full swing. Saturday, April 13th is the date of the 2019 Roosevelt Island Cherry Blossom Festival, and it’s free for all ages to attend.

In addition to seeing the lovely blossoms, this event will include picnics, food vendors, a tea ceremony, and a riveting display of Japanese culture, ranging from kimono try-ons to martial arts demonstrations, music, and more. This is a cherry blossom event that will be fun for the whole family, so if you’ve got young ones, consider taking them along!

Central Park

If you want to see cherry blossoms on a stroll in the park, why not head to one of the biggest around? Central Park has several areas dedicated to these lovely trees, which should be hitting their stride soon:

“The cherry blossom trees in Central Park can be found mainly between 72nd Street and 96th Street, with the highest concentrations around the Reservoir, Cherry Hill, Pilgrim Hill, Great Lawn, Cedar Hill, and the area just south of Cedar Hill between 74th and 77th Streets.”

Among the cherry species represented in Central Park, two are the most prominent: the Yoshino and Kwanzan cherries. They won’t be around for long, however, so make plans to see the blooms soon, and be sure to take your camera to snap some great shots of these impressive trees.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden is well known for their cherry trees, and you can go pretty much any time during the early spring to see the blooms as they come and go. If you want to make it more of an event, however, you might be interested in checking out the Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival, which, this year, will be taking place from April 27th to April 28th. Now, there is a fee for this event ($30 for adults, $25 for students & seniors, free for kids under 12), but it’s well worth the price, we’d say:

“Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival NYC is one of the city’s prettiest spring festivals comprising the best and most beautiful elements of Japanese culture. At the Cherry Blossom Festival, NYC-folks and tourists can watch and take part in a bunch of activities while being surrounded by gorgeous, pink-petal trees at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.”

Those cultural displays, by the way, will include blasting J-Rock bands, comedy, tea ceremonies, displays of Japanese swordsmanship, and much more! All of this will be set against the lovely pink backdrop of those cherry blooms, so be sure to keep that weekend free if you want to see one of the greatest cherry festivals the city has to offer.

Randall’s Island Park

Situated in the East River between Harlem, the South Bronx, and Astoria, this park is a haven for pedestrians and cyclists looking to enjoy a little outdoor action, and the 480-acre expanse also has its own share of beautiful cherry blossoms, and even a yearly festival dedicated to showcasing them when they’re in full bloom.

This year’s cherry blossom festival on Randall’s Island will be taking place on May 4th, and will feature the array of activities you’d expect from such an event (kimono try-ons, folk dancing, paper flower and kite making, crafts) along with performances by Dixie Automatic, Taiko Masala Dojo Drummers, Taisan Tanaka Calligraphy, and Minbuza Folk Dancers.

Queen’s Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden in Queens is no stranger to enabling fun that the whole family can enjoy, and the famed “Cherry Circle” will be the place to go this year to see some impressive flower blooms. While there aren’t any planned events here centered around cherry blossoms, you will have the opportunity to participate in some self-guided exploration, and with some camera gear in tow, you’ll be able to catch some Instagram-worthy photos that will be the envy of your non-NYC friends and relatives.

New York Botanical Garden

Head over to the Bronx, to the New York Botanical Garden, and you’ll get to enjoy even more free-form exploration of the cherry blooms. The awesome “Cherry Valley” will be the hotspot for activity, and while the NYBG, much like the Queen’s Botanical Garden, lacks a specific festival, they more than make up for that with their impressive number of trees:

“More than 200 flowering cherry trees are planted across the Garden’s historic landscape, and their cheerful pink and white blossoms follow shortly after the magnolias in spring. A large and diverse planting of cherries is found along the curving path in the Cherry Collection.”

It’s almost like stepping into a cherry-colored forest, but as you well know, cherry blooms only last for so long. Be sure to carve out some time in your schedule so you can see the sea of petals at its peak while it lasts.

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