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Equinox On Wall Street

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If you’ve been living at the apartments for rent in Manhattan for any stretch of time, you’ve (probably) heard of the Equinox chain of gyms. These high end locations represent what many consider to be the very best of the “high performance” and “luxurious” lifestyle that appeals to many New Yorkers, but even then, not every location is equal in their offerings. If you’re wondering how the locations stack up to one another, though, you don’t need to visit every single gym yourself.

Thankfully, Business Insider recently did some digging on how all 34 Equinox locations in New York City compare to one another, and if they’re truly worth that hefty price tag. While we can’t provide an overview of each and every single gym ourselves, we can take a closer look at what they’ve revealed about the nearby Wall Street location, and see exactly what you can expect should you decide to head over there for a workout session.

Inside The Wall Street Equinox

“Unique architecture in a historic space,” is how writer Benjamin Goggin opens his review of the location, and it’s no exaggeration. The Wall Street Equinox is rather notably housed on the ground floor of 14 Wall Street, which was once a prominent bank. As Goggin points out, “the historic 1910 building has gold-leaf detailing on beautiful vaulted ceilings and features windows looking down onto Wall Street.” Indeed, the gym itself seems to realize this, and really hypes up the atmosphere in their self-description:

“Fueled by the adrenaline of the nearby trading floors, this converted Art Deco-inspired bank features plush, elegant interiors designed by David Rockwell. Think of the Equinox Wall Street fitness club as a luxurious 1920's private club, electrified by the energy of its high-octane members.”

So on the category of setting, they’ve definitely got that aspect locked down better than most other Equinox Gym locations. It’s a big space, with multiple levels for all their weights and weight machines. It’s not just about getting that perfect pump here, though. The location is also fitted out with a fitness studio, spin class area, and functional training floor. There’s even a steam room and jacuzzi/sauna area to loosen up after a hard training session.

Those amenities make the Wall Street Equinox shine a bit brighter than some others, but in Goggin’s view, they probably lose a few points for the sheer volume of gymgoers that crowd the location, and, as he puts it “moderately messy” locker rooms. All in all, though, the Wall Street Equinox scores a 7/10 on the roundup of Equinox Gyms throughout New York City, and is definitely worth the visit if you’ve got the money to spend on their high-end take on luxury fitness.

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