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Living in Lower Manhattan

Colorful, beautifully lit buildings at dusk in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan.

Every neighborhood in New York City has its own character—but we don’t need to tell you that. That’s why we all love living here. The diverse people, the lively scenes, and the way you can choose what kind of vibe you want to soak in because there are so many options.

Lower Manhattan has its own quirks and lovable flaws and milieu. People love it or they hate it. But how do you know its for you?

This is our best attempt to share what it’s like to live here.

The Sleepy Neighborhood in the City that Never Sleeps

New York City is known for having something to do at any hour—whether its the bright daylight in the middle of the afternoon or four in the morning during deep winter. The subway never shuts down, loyally shuttling NYC residents avoiding slumber wherever they want to go.

It’s easy to get caught up in the never-ending parade of activities, but sometimes people want to slow down.

Because Lower Manhattan, and especially FiDi, is a business district, it’s most active during the daytime and has a habit of being quiet in the evenings. Don’t worry — there’s still plenty of late-night food and bars, but it’s not overrun with partiers.

If you like peaceful and beautiful walks in the evenings, you’ll love Lower Manhattan. There is lots of nearby access to gorgeous water views and green space. If you live at 19 Dutch, some of our residents love taking a long evening walk down to Battery Park or to the pier.

Centralized Location with Access to Plenty of Fun

If you like a bit quieter living, but still need to get out and explore other neighborhoods once in awhile, Lower Manhattan is the perfect location for that. Everyone needs to get to Manhattan during the work week so there are straight-shot train lines to every neighborhood.

A hip rooftop party in Brooklyn is only a few train stops away. A spectacular show in the theater district is a quick ride. We also have easy access to the museum district and the Chelsea arts district.

Shortest Commute in New York City

If you work in the business district, especially in the Financial District where 19 Dutch is located, you will have the easiest commute in all of New York City.

Most people taking the train in from Brooklyn or the Upper West Side spend one to two hours rocking in the train cars every day. This is a romantic experience for many New Yorkers — and lots of people set it aside for their daily reading or for listening to podcasts. If you like a long commute, maybe Lower Manhattan is not for you. For those of us who would prefer an extra ten hours a week doing whatever we like, whether its working out or sleeping, living in Lower Manhattan is heaven.

From 19 Dutch, it’s a less than ten minute walk to most FiDi and Lower Manhattan office buildings, including the World Trade Center buildings, Liberty Plaza, and Wall Street.

It’s a fifteen-minute train to the Midtown Manhattan area where a lot of business have planted roots, including in Rockefeller Plaza and the Empire State Building.

Home to Affordable Luxury

While the Upper East Side and Hudson Yards are best known for the luxurious lifestyles of the people who live there, Lower Manhattan is home to a lot of luxury, too. Looking past the stereotypes of neighborhoods can help you make choices that save you money without sacrifices.

The Financial District is known for having all the amenities of the 10,000 per month apartments on the Upper East Side — from a concierge and a valet to high-end gyms — while costing south of 6,000 per month.

Personally, we love this corner of Manhattan. Quieter evenings, a shorter commute, and deals on the finer things in life in a neighborhood that’s continually growing and evolving add up to something special that you won’t want to miss out on.