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Luxury Design at 19 Dutch: What is Gezellig?

image of resident lounge at 19 Dutch

Can cozy be cosmopolitan? With a nod to early settlers that originally christened the area “New Amsterdam”, 19 Dutch take cues from Dutch design and culture to create a downtown oasis that’s sophisticated, serene, and gezellig.

Prounounced “heh-SELL-ick”, gezellig can be loosely defined as “cozy”, but is really more of an abstract concept. It’s a beloved cornerstone of Dutch culture, and many argue that the word is untranslatable. Gezelligheid is a feeling of comfort and warmth—of ease and relaxation—of being at home.

19 Dutch is similarly designed to make you feel completely at home. Inspired architecture and design surrounds residents with comfort, beauty and whimsy, while thoughtful amenities offer everyday luxuries that enhance well-being and take the edge off big-city living.

The Dutch is in the Details

With creative direction from acclaimed designer Collum McCartan, interiors at 19 Dutch literally celebrates all things Dutch, with an emphasis on what the 17th century residents of Lower Manhattan may have also appreciated.

“As part of our design, we primarily reference the painters of this era and how they very accurately portrayed buildings, street scenes, [and] famous cities like Delft (home of Vermeer),” McCartan says.

One of the first things you notice when walking into 19 Dutch is the striking front desk that’s covered in hand-painted, blue-and-white tiles. Commissioned by a local artist, the unique juxtaposition of traditional Dutch delftware honors Manhattan’s history while offering a modern interpretation within each tile.

“We are using these in actual hand-painted reproductions in various locations. We also [took] old etchings and drawings of Nieuw Amsterdam (old New York) and print[ed] them onto ceramic tiles in a ‘blue delft tile’ type look" explains McCartan. In addition to the front desk, these Golden-Age accents appear as hand-painted floor tiles in amenity spaces, large-scale wall murals and columns, and even in the custom-designed elevator cabs.

Imbued with Gezelligheid, the resident lounge blends cheerful comfort with effortless elegance: plank flooring, raised wood-paneled walls, blue velvet curtains, muted rugs, comfy seating areas, gallery walls with gilt-framed artwork, a large fireplace, and numerous table and floor lamps that cast a soft glow. Locally-sourced art also appears throughout the building, from contemporary watercolor and acrylic paintings, to colorful scratchboard illustrations. Dutch-themed historical artifacts are displayed under mailboxes in the lobby, the building crest is modeled loosely on the crest of The Netherlands, and there’s even a "Tulp 19” custom scent throughout the building.

Life-enhancing Amenities

19 Dutch inspires well-being not only through art and design, but through exceptional amenities focused on convenience, leisure, and wellness. In addition to the resident lounge and canteen, community spaces include a fitness club, media center, billiards room, private and communal co-working areas, a demonstration kitchen with chef’s table, a library, children’s playroom, and a resplendent 64th floor sky lounge complete with a sunroom, outdoor terrace gardens, and sweeping views of downtown New York.

Residents are also provided with a considered range of services—a resident services coordinator, daily hospitality cart, coffee service, chilled towel service in the fitness center, —and can expect uniquely programmed, weekly resident events.

The building concierge at 19 Dutch provides weekly, hotel-style tidy up, dry cleaning and laundry delivered to your closet, groceries purchased and stocked, and packages boxed and sent. Our lobby is attended with a 24/7 doorman. Tech assistance, pet care, and event planning are available at the touch of a button through the Hello Alfred app. Last, but not least: our pet-friendly apartments also welcome cats and dogs.

Go Gezellig

More than just another high-rise tower, 19 Dutch offers gracious, gezellig comfort in the heart of New York’s financial district. Explore new apartments or schedule a tour to learn more about our unique rentals.