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KonMari Method for Your Home

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Homeowners and renters alike are forever stuck in the never-ending cycle of cleaning and organizing their space. It’s a permanent to-do list that seems to inch any closer to completion. By the time you finish one task and move onto the next, three others have popped up for you to take care of. If this sounds all too familiar, then take a look at how the KonMari method is decluttering the Manhattan apartments for rent.

Introducing Marie

Marie Kondo, a petite woman from Japan, holds the title of Organizing Consultant. She has four published books under her belt on the subject, all of which sold millions of copies, and is renowned across the world for her ability to organize and maintain the cleanest home you’ve ever seen in your life.

This tidiness guru is a master of her art, which she calls the KonMari method. Kondo’s method involves more than just a way to clean, it encourages you to adopt a minimalist mindset through your own feelings towards your stuff. Sound strange yet?

Kondo encourages individuals to only keep items that “spark joy,” or make them feel happy. Her clients are always surprised to find closets and cabinets full of items they really don’t need or care about anymore. It sounds impossible, sure, but it works. Here’s how you can apply the KonMari method in your home.

Step 1. Start Now

The sooner you begin the KonMari process, the faster you’ll be living in a decluttered space. Don’t make the mistake of tackling messes week by week. That’s how people end up in the never-ending cycle of decluttering and cleaning.

Instead, set time aside to take care of everything at once. Turn tidying up into one, large, day-long task and you’ll be surprised at how much you get accomplished. The immediate boost in space and cleanliness is enough to make most people stick with the KonMari method for good.

Step 2. Sort by Category

Marie believes that tackling one room at a time is ineffective. As you focus on the bedroom, for instance, you’re failing to grasp the volume of work needed throughout the whole house. She believes this is how people fall into that never-ending cycle of cleaning to begin with.

Her solution is to sort your belongings by category (t-shirts, books, loose papers, etc.), then start your tidying task with the easiest grouping. The recommended flow to follow in the KonMari method is:

  • Clothes
  • Books
  • Papers
  • “Komono” or Miscellaneous items
  • and Sentimental objects
  • Step 3. The Spark

Parting with your belongings is often a difficult task, which is why clutter happens in the first place. Marie asks a simple question to help you decide what’s worth keeping and what you might want to donate; does this item spark joy?

Essentially, does holding this item make you happy? You might find that an old dress simply doesn’t bring a smile to your face anymore, or that you’ve read a book so many times that the thought of re-reading it actually makes you cringe.

The spark of joy is the cornerstone of the KonMari method, and it’s insanely effective. Take the time to hold each individual item in your hands during this process. If there’s not an instant feeling of warmth and happiness, it’s time to let that item go.

Step 4. Recycle

As you move on to papers and documents, Marie encourages everyone to recycle. Knowing what to get rid of is easier than you might think, too. Start with simple items like the instructions for a laptop or a TV manual you never read in the first place.

Make sure to shred personal documents like paid bills during this step to keep your information safe. Eventually, you’ll move on to birthday cards, letters, and more sentimental items. Decide if they spark joy or not, then move on.

Step 5. Donate Your Books

Marie is a firm believer in only owning a small set of books. She believes that once you’ve read them, that knowledge is retained and someone else could benefit from the contents of their pages. This is a tough step for book lovers, but it works wonders in decluttering your space.

Pick around 10-20 books you simply cannot live without, then use the “spark joy” indicator for the rest. If this step is a little tough, start with books you wouldn’t mind parting with first.

Step 6. Let Go

Sentimental items are hard to let go of, but sometimes it’s necessary. Start with something simple, like a holiday gift you don’t care for or a broken memento that’s far beyond repair. Ultimately, a lot of sentimental items will spark joy for you. So, it’s okay to keep those. Just make sure to donate or pitch anything you don’t really need to hang onto anymore.

Step 7. Assign Space

After steps 1-6, you should be left with reduced number of items that all spark joy. Your next step is to find a permanent new home for everything when you aren’t using it. This is the literal tidying up phase, and will help you stay organized after the process is over.

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