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NYC's Oldest Neighborhood

Lit shelves of alcohol bottles behind glass doors against a geometric tile wall.

FiDi, as it is often called, stands as Manhattan’s daytime commercial center and waterfront oasis by night. Despite being one of the oldest neighborhoods on the island, there’s a lot more to this locale than meets the eye.

Here’s how it has quickly become one of the newest neighborhoods on the island, despite being the oldest.

Your Transportation Options Are Limitless

Living in the city, you surely know the importance of getting around via any method but a personal vehicle. FiDi has been revamped with a variety of quick travel options that fit this metropolitan business center like a glove.

To start, there are now sixteen subway stations ready to take you anywhere on the island with trains 1 through 6 as well as the A, C, R, M, J, Z, and W. Couple that with the Brooklyn Bridge’s pedestrian and cyclist friendly roadways, and you have the ability to head anywhere your heart desires in a matter of minutes.

If you prefer to take the harbor, then hop on one of the ferries for a scenic ride to Staten or Governor’s Island. Whatever your preferred method of transportation is, FiDi has it all these days.

Not Just for Business

You will, of course, find droves of New Yorkers dressed to the 9’s during an average Financial District workweek. However, the area has become so much more than a bustling business center in recent years.

With a premier location at the intersection of the East and Hudson Rivers, locals have begun to enjoy this area as one of the most scenic on all of Manhattan. The coastal feel and beauty have attracted thousands of individuals from the entrepreneur to the full-fledged family. As more New Yorkers head into the area, they find that the hectic work week brings with serenity on both evenings and weekends.

It’s hard to imagine that FiDi is anything but a business center, but those that live in the area will tell you just how peaceful their home becomes at sunset. Best of all, they reside just minutes away from the tree-studded oasis of Battery Park. Add in the rich history this neighboring respite offers, and it becomes easier to see how life has changed in an area once reserved for CEOs and stock brokers.

Day and Nightlife

The whole of Manhattan has witnessed a revamping in both its food and bar scene, including FiDi. Catering to the flow of money and fast-paced lifestyles found here, the area is now home to gourmet dining experiences served in the quickest fashion possible.

You can find everything from sous chef dining experiences atop the skyline to upscale power meals on the street. Even the basic sandwich shops are as high-end as they come, with the Michelin-starred Epicerie Boulud leading the charge. Those looking for something more historic to NYC can also stop in at the iconic Delmonico’s for a world-renowned steak.

Much like the dining experiences found in FiDi, the nightlife also caters to working professionals. Happy Hour reigns supreme as locals sip on much-deserved cocktails at the end of their day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go out for a night on the town in modern NYC fashion.

The theme of evening relaxation is heavily promoted with even the most prominent bars offering their own take on a getaway from the hectic lifestyles found here. Fraunces Tavern, a revamped historical location, offers mouthwatering cocktails right on the water. It’s impossible to hold onto any stress when you’re sipping an old-fashioned as the sun sets over the harbor.


Outsiders to the island have a much different understanding of the word “affordable” that New Yorkers do, but FiDi is slowly becoming an area that even new professionals can call home. Compared to neighboring TriBeCa, costs have slipped to bring a breath of fresh life and diversity into this business-oriented center. That’s a new development worth noting in any NYC neighborhood!

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