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Quick Thanksgiving Recipes

A woman does a taste test of soup from a large pot, while a man in an apron and two kids watch.

Here’s a scenario we’ve all experienced once or twice in our lives: through one series of unfortunate events or another, our careful Thanksgiving planning has been disrupted, and we find ourselves needing to whip up a few dishes for the big dinner in a hurry. It’s a harrowing thought, and one that can really make the stress start to mount, but before you start losing it over at the apartments for rent in New York, take a deep breath, and remember that there are plenty of Thanksgiving favorites that you can whip up in under an hour. Not sure where to start? Read on, and learn about a few easy Thanksgiving meals that you can prepare with minimal hassle.

Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Dishes

To cut out the hassle and get straight to work, you’re going to need a new plan. For today, that plan comes courtesy of Pure Wow, and their amazing list of easy Thanksgiving recipes that you can cook up quickly. Thanks to some time saving hacks that divvy up your kitchen into different workstations, you can cook with maximum efficiency, and tackle everything by yourself in under two hours.

If you grab a helping hand and slash that prep time even further, you can get everything you need done in about an hour. These recipes won’t skimp on flavor or presentation, mind you — they just keep things simple to help save you time and get on to the next part of your Thanksgiving day.

Through it all, though, you’ll want to ask yourself how you got into this conundrum, and you might even swear to never let it happen again. We’re right there with you, and if you want to avoid a repeat of the last-minute, mad-dash Thanksgiving preparation, why not check out some tips for keeping Thanksgiving simple and easy, courtesy of Nourishing Minimalism?

The main thrust of it is this: you should keep your recipes simple, buck the traditional, grandiose Thanksgiving setup, and enlist as much help as possible to diffuse your Thanksgiving responsibilities and make all the work go much quicker. Take shortcuts where you can, start preparing well in advance, and get everyone who’s attending the meal to bring a dish, and you’ll find that Thanksgiving headache quickly vanishing. Remember, less is often more, and by focusing on the essentials, you can make your meal that much more enjoyable.

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