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Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

3 men dressed in sports fan apparel sitting on a couch and cheering on the tv, while one holds a football.

There is only one time per year when everyone becomes a football fan, and that’s the Super Bowl. Diehard fans and those who never watch a game all season come together to enjoy each other’s company, watch the game, and eat delicious food. If you rent in NYC, then you have the perfect pad to throw together the ultimate Super Bowl party.

Outside of alcohol, the key to pulling off this football celebration extravaganza is to serve up mouthwatering dishes alongside snackable items. If you’re unsure of what to serve, then check out America’s Super Bowl favorites.


Whipping up a large batch of chili is as simple as cooking gets. This dish ticks off the meaty, cheesy, and saucy bases at the same time while delivering a powerful punch of gut-warming flavor. You can serve it in bowls or make enough to pour on top of hotdogs. Either way, it’s an instant success.

Jalapeno Poppers

The jalapeno popper craze never went away, which makes these bit-sized morsels an excellent addition to your party. First of all, their deep-fried. Second, their spicy and creamy combination delivers a kick comparable to that much needed field goal. They take a bit of effort to make, which is why there are so many boxes in the freezer section at the grocery store waiting to save you time.

Deviled Eggs

You can make an entire plate of deviled eggs in minutes. All you need are hard boiled eggs cut in half, a mixture of mayonnaise and mustard, and some seasoning to sprinkle on top. This isn’t everyone’s favorite dish, but there’s always one person at a party who could eat an entire plate.

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Barbecue is 100% American, which makes pulled pork sandwiches a Super Bowl go-to. They’re easy to eat, pair with just about anything, and are loaded with flavor. If you take the time to prepare the meat in a slow cooker the night before, you’ll have a succulent dish ready for the game.

Party Mix

This is a party staple, hence the name, and something everyone can grab a handful of after the main course is over. You can make this mixture for less than $10 and spice it any which way you please. Regardless of how you like your party mix, everyone is going to be munching on it in the final quarter.

Burger Sliders

A good, old-fashioned burger will never go out of style at any get-together. This sandwich dominates holidays and major events, making it the perfect choice for the Super Bowl. Skip gigantic burgers in favor of smaller sliders, though. This let’s everyone get a taste of your creation while saving room for snacks and brews.


There are two things that make nachos an instant Super Bowl classic. First, the topping combinations are endless. Second, your guests can grab a nacho whenever they’d like during the game. Whether you make them with beef, chicken, or beans, everyone will thank you.

Pigs in a Blanket

Mini hot dogs wrapped in croissants that are perfectly dippable into whatever sauce you pair them with…is it any wonder why these are favorite party dish? While it isn’t fancy and only takes a couple of minutes to make, their delicious flavor is a sure-fire party pleaser.

Potato Skins

Potatoes and meat are a match made in football heaven, but this celebration calls for a little more than your average baked or mashed dish. Instead, whip up a simple plate of potato skins. You can stick with the classic sour cream and cheese combination or take things to the next level with prosciutto and brie.

Chips and Dip

You can’t throw a Super Bowl party without some form of chips and dip. They are easily the most snackable of snacks, and their salty profile pairs well with any beer. The type of chip dish you serve is entirely up to your tastes, though.

You could choose a simple potato chip with sour cream and onion dip, a bowl full of salsa or guacamole paired with tortilla chips, or buffalo chicken dip with pita. All three are simple to prepare, but give everyone something to munch on during commercials and paybacks.


Did you know that Super Bowl Sunday is the busiest pizza takeout day of the year? Whether you choose to order yours from a favorite shop or make one at home, there are very few people in the world who aren’t absolutely in love with this meal.


Taking the popularity crown are chicken wings. These bit-sized bits of meat offer infinite possibilities when it comes to sauces and dips. You can choose boneless or bone-in, pair them with celery for blue cheese dressing, or pile them a mile high and let your friends dig in.

Any combination of these American favorites will do for the Super Bowl, so don’t be afraid to mix and match what you like best. There are hundreds of recipes online if you’re unsure how to make something or just want to try something new, too. Regardless of what you decide on, your party will be a smash hit so long as these foods are served.

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