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The Amazing Pier 15

A man on the pier looks out at the water as a ferry passes by.

Once a neglected and, by some accounts, dilapidated part of the city, Pier 15 has made an interesting turnaround on account of the city’s efforts to revitalize areas along the East River. Now what you’ll find is a revamped and publically accessible city expanpanse, filled with plenty to do and see.

Destinations at Pier 15

Head to Pier 15 nowadays, and you’ll find there are numerous points of interest, like Hornblower Cruises & Events. Like the name suggests, these are the ones you’ll want to see if taking to the New York waters and having a great time is your fancy.

Their various cruises, like the “Alive After Five” and “Rock the Yacht” offerings, offer different experiences to kick back and relax or turn up and turn it loose with you and your friends. If you’re after a Sunday Brunch experience, then you’ve even more in store:

“Indulge in unlimited mimosas, be creative at the bloody mary bar, gate down to the beats and make it your new favorite brunch spot. Add fried chicken and waffles, incredible views and you’ve got your Sundays covered.”

It’s not all about fancy cruises over at Pier 15, however. You’re just as welcome to remain on terra firma and enjoy establishments like the Watermark Bar. This riverside venue puts all the famous New York City sights in the backdrop while treating you to a plethora of amazement.

You could just stop in for a quick drink or a bite to eat, but this is also a famed event space, so don’t be surprised if there’s a rocking show going on from time to time. It’s even possible to rent the Watermark out for wedding or similar private event, as the venue can handle upwards of 1200 guests.

Oktoberfest New York has a tendency to pop up here during the appropriate fall months. So as the temperatures start to cool, keep your eye on Watermark, as it will also become the epicenter for Oktoberfest food, fun, and authentic German beer you can stomach. You can learn more about the upcoming Oktoberfest festivities at the main festival info page, and should stay up-to-date for this awesome chance to explore Pier 15 like there’s no tomorrow.

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