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Top 10 Home Décor Apps

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Decorating your home is a wonderful way to spruce up your interior spaces, but choosing the right colors and tools can be a daunting task. Thankfully, however, there are several apps that can help you spruce up the looks of any apartment for rent in Manhattan. Here are 10 apps guaranteed to alleviate the stress of changing up your home décor.

1. Heavenly

Heavenly as an online interior design firm with one simple goal: Pair clients with designers based on preferences like style and budget. Branching out from their website, Heavenly now offers an easy-to-use app that makes the process of redecorating your home a breeze.

All you have to do is open the app to start talking with an interior designer. Upload a few pictures of your home and they’ll offer expert advise on design elements. Best off all, it doesn’t cost a dime.

2. Smith

The Smith Home Remodel app focuses on major remodels, which can often be a part of redecorating a home. Through the app, users can find and connect with contractors willing to work on full remodels or just a simple aesthetic change.

Not only that, but the app allows you to compare contractors. There’s nothing better than the ability to price shop on people based in your area.


This uniquely named app works in tandem with RewardStyle, a place to link items in photos to e-commerce sites. Users can screenshot or like an image that uses that links on RewardStyle, then use the app to pull up which sites they can buy those items from.

This is an excellent way to pick out furniture, lamps, paint colors and more while redecorating. The app also allows you to save items and follow your favorite home décor Instagrammers for inspiration. Think of it like a brainstorming tool.

4. Houzz: View My Room in 3D

Houzz is a leader in the home décor industry. So, it comes as no surprise their app is incredibly beneficial. View My Room in 3D utilizes your phone’s camera to place over 300,000 items in the house shop inside your space.

If you held the camera up to an empty space in your living room, for instance, you could browse from hundreds of couches to see what they would look like in that spot. It’s an excellent way to “try before you buy” when picking out decorations or furniture.

5. Color Capture

Deciding on the perfect paint color is exhausting. Sometimes, you simply can’t find the perfect shade. Color Capture sets out to eliminate that issue by allowing you to “capture” the color of any image on your phone.

Looking for something that matches pistachio ice cream? Want to recreate the color found on the pedals of your favorite flower? Did you find the perfect shade of purple or orange in a sunset? Color Capture will isolate that shade and pick out the matching paint swatch for you.

6. iHandy

iHandy is a carpentry app, offering a variety of useful tools to help you align and place your décor. Most notably, it features a fully functional level to ensure nothing is hanging crooked once you’re done. Whether it’s wall art or picture frames, that comes in handy.

7. Color911

This app features hundreds of color palettes to help you choose something that suits your walls. Each are chosen by consultant Amy Wax, ensuring their quality. However, you can choose any photo to create your own custom swatches if you can’t find the perfect fit.

8. Photo Measures

Is there anything more tedious than busting out the measuring tape and measuring each fraction of an inch throughout a room? Possibly, but you don’t have to worry about recording several measurements when buying furniture anymore thank to Photo Measures.

This app allows you to simply snap a photo and receive your dimensions. It’s surprisingly accurate, and a timesaver you can’t afford to live without. De-stress the furniture buying process. You’ll thank yourself later.

9. Mark on Call

Some redecorating projects are large in scale and can require a well-thought-out floor plan for you to complete. If that happens to be the case, then save yourself time with the Mark On Call app. Simply arrange the pieces within the app using your custom measurements, and add in the furniture or fabrics. Best of all, you can do it all through your phones camera.

10. Try On Wall

Looking for the perfect piece of art to hand on your wall? Making a gallery? Try On Wall offers a simple solution that allows you to see the finished product without lifting a finger. Simply take a few photos of your works or select pieces from the in-app shop, and you can view exactly what they’ll look like on your wall.

Bonus: Chairish

If you’ve used Poshmark to shop for clothing, then this app will come naturally to you. Sellers upload images of their furniture, place them on the app, and other users buy them. The company takes care of both payment and shipping to keep things secure. The premise almost follows Poshmark to a T, but you won’t find clothes on this app.

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