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Visit North Cove Marina

Low angle shot of 6 sailboats, with sails down, in the Hudson River near the North Cove marina with the city in the background.

Planning a trip to the North Cove Marina? Whether you plan on sailing your yacht or taking one of their sailing classes to pursue your interests, there’s so much to enjoy in this small part of the city.

With the allure of the open waters, the food and high-class shopping of Brookfield Place, and entertainment options surrounding the area, it helps to know exactly what you can do and how to make the most of your visit. Here’s what you can expect.

Area Amenities

There’s a lot to do at North Cove Marina, and plenty of area amenities to take care of your needs. Since most individuals turn their visit into a day trip, the first consideration is food. Brookfield Place is the top spot to grab a bite to eat. With 22 restaurants to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find something you like.

Umami Burger is popular spot for gourmet versions of the American classic, while Num Pang and Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar deliver more exotic delights. There are also plenty of options for desserts, drinks, and quick bites. Make sure to stop at Le District for authentic French marketplace goods.

Of course, you can’t head to the North Cove Marina without shopping, right? From high-end handbags to luxury cosmetics and Swiss watches, the premier options never seem to end. Both men and women have dozens of stores to choose from, each of which produces fashionable clothing from the world’s top designers and renowned products from names like Davidoff of Geneva, Michael Kors, and Louis Vuitton.

There are also concierge services available. Simply ask the staff on-site for assistance and they’ll help you enjoy your trip to the fullest. While you’re at Brookfield Place, which is within walking distance of the marina, make sure to visit the 9-11 Memorial and keep your eyes out for activities like unguided bicycle tours and art galas.

Vessel Services

It might be tempting, but try not to spend the entire day at Brookfield Place. Make sure to get out on the water and enjoy the North Cove Marina. While you’re there, you can take advantage of a variety of vessel services offered by the staff.

You could choose a tour or charter option, take offshore sailing lessons, or sit back and let the marina plan the perfect outing for you. Their provisioning services provides your choice of a wide selection of wines, beers, and liquor. The staff will also:

  • Service your ship or yacht
  • Take care of waste management and recycling
  • Do your laundry
  • Set you up with free Wi-Fi
  • Provide necessary electrical connections ranging from 30amp to 100amp
  • and Access to the Anchor Club, which provides gifts and extended services for its members.
  • Entertainment

Outside of being on the water, the area around the Marina offers a constantly changing entertainment scene. Most of their events are family friendly, with their Saturday Morning Show featuring storytelling and music being one of the most popular. Several art galleries pop up at Brookfield Place, and currently listed events center around Halloween for October.

Planning for the Weather

You can find the forecast directly on, which displays detailed wind information you’ll need before setting sail. Keep in mind that temperatures often feel colder when you’re on the water, too. When in doubt, dress warm. You can always take off a layer if it ends up being warm and sunny.

Keep in mind that this time of year can get especially cold in the marina. New York isn’t exactly the warmest city in America. Luckily, there’s plenty to do even the weather makes it impossible to set sail.

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