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What Does a Concierge Do in an Apartment Building?

A concierge at an apartment building pours tea in a luxurious apartment setting with floor-to-ceiling windows facing views of Manhattan.

New York apartment buildings with a concierge are increasing in number — the services that a concierge provides are lifting a burden on busy, stressed out New Yorkers and the amenity is becoming more and more popular.

But what does a concierge do, exactly?

What is a Residential Concierge?

A residential concierge is a person who provides concierge services specifically to residential buildings. These can include rentals or owned apartments.

A concierge is a jack of all trades in helping out with the day to day lives of residents. They make arrangements for anything from booking taxis to making hotel reservations to coordinating maintenance appointments to dog walking. They help address resident concerns — for example, making sure the stove was turned off when a resident leaves town. They collect packages that were delivered and notify residents or even offer in-home delivery. The presence of someone in the lobby also helps with making residents feel safe. The possibilities are endless.

Concierges post up in the lobby when they are not on a resident errand so they can greet residents, be available for assistance, and observe the general comings and goings of the building. Residents often get to know the concierge and vice versa — some would say the concierge is a part of the family.

At 19 Dutch, we understand that it’s part of luxury living to help our residents live seamlessly. Our concierge service helps. The lobby is attended 24/7 to address concerns at any time of the night. We help coordinate moves in and moves out to ensure a smooth transition. We also have a concierge app for residents, Hello Alfred.

What is a Concierge App?

A concierge app, like Hello Alfred, significantly expands the concierge services that tenants have available to them by connecting them with those who can help with whatever task is at hand. There are suggested tasks, but we promise — whatever it is you need, even if it’s unusual, just ask.

The app can also assist by managing apartment amenities, for example, conference room reservations. Hello Alfred also keeps a calendar of the events and workout classes being held within the building.

Our app doesn’t replace the human touch — simple subsidizes it for even more streamlined services.

What is the Difference Between a Doorman and a Concierge?

A doorman is someone who simply watches the door to observe comings and goings and perhaps accepts packages or helps move luggage. A concierge provides more comprehensive day-to-day services — whatever residents need help with.

Good news — at 19 Dutch, our apartments have both a doorman and a concierge — plus a valet. It’s our goal that the needs of our residents never go unmet.

Why Do You Need a Concierge?

A concierge helps manage life in a busy lower Manhattan apartment building. They take over the emotional burden of arranging various services and bookings. This streamlines the access of various assistive tasks so you don’t have to spend time looking for and coordinating with the right person to walk your dog, do your dry cleaning, and more.

The best concierges are not using a google search to find a service provider — they have the experience and peer networks to know who to contact to provide the best services, increasing efficiency.

The concierge also helps ensure that the apartment building is running smoothly, which benefits everyone. It prevents packages piling up in the lobby, long wait times for maintenance help, and other such chaotic intrusions.

The Rising Popularity of Concierges

Personalized services of all kinds are increasing in popularity. From personalized meal delivery to personalized shopping, often provided via the internet or phone apps, people enjoy the ability to streamline areas of their life and make more time for the work they are passionate about or for their families.

Residential concierges are no different — familiar with services provided when traveling or at other luxury residencies, the use of concierge services in apartment buildings is spreading to meet the desire for more personalized service.